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      Changzhou Dino medical science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise which combines the research, manufacture and sale of high frequency electric knife, disposable surgical electrode, disposable neutral plate, high-frequency electrocoagulation tweezers, disposable water-cooled non staining forceps, and disposable surgical electrode cleaning tablets.

      Our company has a group of experienced skilled workers and managers, and has strong product design and development capabilities, which can meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad.

      The company has established a perfect quality system according to the requirements of ISO9001, ISO13485, YY/T0287 and the requirements for the implementation of aseptic medical instruments and the standard of inspection and evaluation for the quality management of medical instruments. The company uses strict management methods to monitor the process of the product in a full range of aspects, so that every process and every link can be achieved. We must be meticulous, do not keep hidden dangers, and achieve the whole process of tracing, so as to ensure the realization of every process's "zero defect" goal. The company also has a service team composed of technical backbone, visiting customers regularly, understanding the clinical use of products, providing relevant technical advice to customers, and handling all kinds of feedback information in time.

      Dino people will be based on the market, look forward to the future, continue to work hard, forge ahead, adhere to the implementation of "people-oriented, quality first, integrity service, safe and effective" this quality policy for human health to make due contribution!

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