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154 enterprises of the big data industry park in Southeast China

As early as in 2000, during the work of the general secretary in Fujian, the strategic decision of the construction of digital Fujian was made and the target of "digitalization, networking, visualization and intelligentization" was put forward. After eighteen years of efforts, the construction of digital Fujian has achieved remarkable results. The comprehensive index of information, the popularity of the Internet, the level of two integration and the total amount of the digital economy are among the best in the country. As the first province to practice the important idea and important thought of information construction by general secretary Xi Jinping, Fujian province has carried out a series of research on economic activities around the "digital Fuzhou", especially big data in the last two years, and produced a lot of new technologies and new formats.

In order to promote and standardize the application and development of large data of health care, Fujian, Jiangsu province and Fuzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing and Changzhou have been designated as the first batch of pilot provinces and municipalities with the national pilot project for the construction of the industrial park. China southeast big data Industrial Park is one of the national health care big data industry pilot area, landing in Fuzhou. Up to now, there are 154 enterprises in the park, with a total registered capital of 20 billion 500 million yuan.

China southeast big data Industrial Park, as an important carrier of the digital Fujian strategy, is playing an exemplary and leading role. Since last year, the national Internet backbone direct joint point, the national health medical data center, the national national land and resources data center, the National Tourism big data Fuzhou sub center and a batch of "national character" projects have fallen into the industrial park, which has led to the continuous development and expansion of related industries.

In order to promote the development and application of large data in an all-round way, standardize health medical data collection, strengthen data management, optimize sharing and open, improve the value of development and application, guarantee data security, promote the construction of the large data center of health care and the national pilot project of the industrial park, with a total of six single and 34 articles on health medical data. Conduct standardized management. As the first large data center of health care and the pilot city of industrial park construction, in 2017, Fuzhou first introduced the Interim Measures for the management of large data resource management of health care in Fuzhou. The full text uses 6 chapters and 34 articles to regulate the health medical data resources. And start the national health care big data platform (Fuzhou) and the national health care big data security service platform (Fuzhou). Today, there are more than 20 health care companies in the park, which invest more than 1 billion 200 million yuan. Tsinghua, Berry and Kang and other famous institutions and enterprises have joined in the development of health care big data team in Fuzhou.

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