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Good rehabilitation equipment!

Recently, the 9 departments, such as the Beijing Municipal Health Planning Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission, the human and social Bureau and other departments, jointly issued the guidance on strengthening the construction of the rehabilitation medical service system in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"), and proposed that some public hospitals in Beijing will be transformed into rehabilitative hospitals.

The rehabilitation of public hospitals is supported by financial support.

The opinion encourages the transformation of the two level general hospital or the basic level health service institution with a certain condition to the rehabilitation medical institutions in Beijing, which has a certain condition. The financial support for the training of rehabilitation professionals, the new and transformation of the public medical institutions of the rehabilitation hospital for the purchase and renovation of medical equipment.

Among them, the first batch will promote the transformation of 6 public medical institutions to rehabilitation, and each family will provide 15 million yuan of financial support.

"Opinion" especially encourages the development of sports rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, child rehabilitation and special rehabilitation.

We should add rehabilitation beds, rehabilitation medicine and grass-roots rehabilitation wards.

In addition to the new rehabilitation hospitals, the opinion also encourages the conversion of treatment beds in some public hospitals in Beijing to rehabilitate beds, encourage comprehensive and specialist hospitals to set up rehabilitation medicine departments, encourage grass-roots health services to improve the proportion of rehabilitation beds or establish rehabilitation wards, and encourage social forces to organize rehabilitation medical institutions.

The goal of Beijing is to build a continuous rehabilitation medical service system composed of rehabilitation medical department, rehabilitation hospital and basic medical and Health Organization in comprehensive hospital (including traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine and Western Medicine).

Among them, the three level general hospital (including traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese and Western Medicine) should be set up to 100% in the rehabilitation medical department by 2020, the bed position of the rehabilitation medicine department is not less than 2% in the total hospital bed, and the rehabilitation medical department should be set up in the two level general hospital. The bed position of the rehabilitation medicine department is not less than 2.5% of the hospital bed. The rehabilitation medicine department is encouraged.

The opinion also supports some three level TCM hospitals to build Beijing rehabilitation center according to their functions.

To the grass-roots medical and health institutions, the "opinion" requires that the districts should strengthen the construction of rehabilitation medical services, improve the proportion of their rehabilitation beds, and establish a rehabilitation ward with conditions. And explore the service mode providing community and family rehabilitation. By 2020, the community health service centers in our city must have all the rehabilitation service capabilities.

The opinion also suggested that the social forces should be encouraged to participate in investment and non-profit rehabilitation medical institutions. The Beijing municipal government will reserve the approval space for the social rehabilitation medical institutions in accordance with the resource allocation standard of not less than 25%. And actively developing and popularizing the appropriate rehabilitation technology of Chinese medicine, and incorporating the application of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment technology (non drug therapy) into the evaluation index system.

Rehabilitation medical rehabilitation equipment demand is huge, optimistic

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